March 26, 2009


Today was a full day....some of us went to the state children's home to help Claire as she has to volunteer 10 hours a month to complete a course she is taking to meet government requirements to run their orphanage. It was sad, there was no structure and nothing for us to do with the kids as there were no toys or book and a not so great play ground.

The rest of the team went to Vina Studios where they translate the Jesus film into different languages and they also make movies with finger puppets for those who can't read or write. There are 43 different dialects besides Spanish in Guatemala.

This afternoon we ate an authentic Guatemalan meal .... it is a lot of hard work to prepare a meal here for a big group. It was a great experience trying to make our own tortilla shells!! None of us were very good. We toured a cemetery where they bury above the ground 3 or 4 high. The monuments are painted in all different was a beautiful view but a sad reality.

We also had a soccer tournament tonight and message brought by a group from Larry & Claire Boggs first church in Guatemala. We gave out soccer backpacks, t-shirts, water bottles and candy to all the area kids that came. (thanks to Glendale Soccer Team and Lake Country Soccer) We ended the night with a little fireworks show! They all had a great time and it was a lot of fun for us as well!

We have 11 quilts made and the security system is installed....we are just doing a few tweaks here and there and we will be done!

We will try to post another update before we head to Guatemala City Saturday to begin our journey home.

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