June 16, 2009


We got news today that one of the little boys we met at the School where we held English Camp in Baan Nam Kem,  got saved after we left for home.  Erin shared her testimony with him and Pholi interpreted it for her, and he got saved!  I bet Erin is glad she stayed behind now!!  His name is Pon and this is a picture of him. He was a fun little boy to hang out with, full of energy for sure!

Pray for him, that his family will allow him to attend church at the CDC and he will continue to grow in Christ and grow up to be a Godly young man.  Maybe even he will go back to school this week and tell about his experience and bring others to know Christ.  It was worth taking this trip just for this good news!!

We hope to hear more stories like this one!!  

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