January 26, 2010


Here are just a few pictures from our 2nd Day of Medical Clinics.

1) Pastor Eddie has found a new talent, he made the balloon zebra all by himself!

2) The lady that I (Gary) have my picture with is 91 years old and has 57 grandkids

3) Can't say enough about Karen and her balloon characters! She is our crowd control when we get to the clinic and have hundreds of people coming to see us and they have no idea what lining up means! It is great to have something to entertain them while they are waiting to see the Dr.

4) The ladies on the street by the clinic are playing some kind of shell game

Tomorrow we will be a 14 hour day for our team. Pray for a good nights sleep and for the team to be refreshed and energized for the long day ahead of us.

We are 11.5 hours ahead of you (at least those of you in Springfield!) so when you are eating dinner we will be getting up and starting our day.

Once again I can't thank you enough for praying for us. Hopefully in the next couple of days we can share some stories from our team about the people we have seen at the clinic.

Gary for the India Team

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Lynn S. said...

Tell Pastor Eddie he looks like one of the collage kids. I think missions trips are an anti-aging thing. Praying for you all daily.