January 29, 2010


We had another full day of clinic yesterday. We went to this very small concrete building that had a room about the size of our dining room. It is a church built along the side of the road. The pastor's wife told us that the government gave them the land and when they tried to build the building some groups opposed them. Every time they put a stake in the ground they would come and take it out. One man was killed when he opposed these men and put the stake back. He was not a believer, but died building the church.

The crowd was made up of very poor city people. Some were maids, drivers and street sweepers and I am sure lots with no or little work. The press to get into the clinic got out of hand from time to time and we would have to just stop taking people until they settled down. Needy people trying to get some help. Jesus dealt with the "press of the crowd" one day and when a woman reached out and touched Him she was healed. Jesus stopped and asked who touched Him and the disciples were bothered by his question because many were touching Him as the crowd pressed in. Jesus did not get angry but allowed the confusion and press because He wanted to be with the people. He didn't solve every problem but for this lady something special happened. So when it seemed a bit chaotic I remembered that Jesus would have stayed right in the chaos because He wanted to be with the people and that is what we did.

One of the saddest things for me to see are the desperate parents who bring in children with special needs or developmental delays. One lady carried in her little girl. She could not walk, she would kind of make eye contact with you. She was a beautiful little girl. And so she had come to the doctor with hope pushing her to try one more thing - maybe "this foreign doctor" could give her better news and show a way for her daughter to be healed. And then the doctor told her she had a beautiful little girl and that her love for her daughter was very apparent and a wonderful thing. But, and then a brief pause. Maybe parents of special needs kids all over the world have the same feeling when the medical professional says "but..followed by a pause". The pause is where your heart begins to sink back into the painful reality. The mother was given vitamins and the doctor on this occasion prayed for her. And when she walked out of the clinic she smiled with gratefulness and then brushed a tear away. So what good did we do? Well we said to the mother and child - you are valued. We honored the little girl with special needs with our time, attention, our smiles, our vitamins. We said to the community that Jesus really does love everyone.

Jesus in Matthew was talking about a judgment day that we all one day will face. His word are powerful - "I was naked and you clothed Me, I was sick and you visited Me;...when did we see You sick?...And the King will answer and say to them, "Assuredly, I say to you inasmuch as you did it to one of the least of these My brethren, you did it to Me." And so as we reached out in love to these children with special needs and their families, I think we made a difference.

Today there was a downs boy that came for treatment. He was about 14 and kind of small for his age and not too high functioning. I bent down to greet him and at first he cried because he did not not know what to do. As he sat there I tried to just smile at him and in the end got to get my picture with him. I kind of got to me. Just seeing a little guy like our James and yet they are so poor and desperate. I just hope somehow we honored this little guy that most probably get pushed aside. Somehow knowing I will see him in heaven made it better. I just pray that that little church will be able to reach many of those we treated with the gospel. Surely God is at work and will use our efforts to love people in His name by visiting the sick. And so we continue to LOVE GOD, SERVE PEOPLE AND REACH THE WORLD.

A special thanks to all who gave during our Chili Supper Pie Auction last year. Those funds do help us take these trips. You all have a part in what we do this week.

Pastor Eddie

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Hillengrandma said...

Pastor, I so enjoyed reading what you are doing on this trip. It must be heartbreaking to see all of those precious children and not be able to help them as you wish. Thank you for going and doing all that you can. We are praying for the team. And , we are glad we get to be a part of this through our prayers and by helping with the chili supper and pie auction. God bless all of you.