January 27, 2010


A little information about the pictures:

1) Creig and Savannah standing with an Indian Doctor far left, an Indian nurse next to her and their translator between Savannah and Creig.

2) Elderly ladies sitting were talking about the medicines they have received.

3 & 4) The tent city are all over this area and are very sad. This picture is actually just behind our hotel. We will be seeing many people that live in these tent cities tomorrow (Thursday).

5) Hard Rock Cafe, Bangalore

6) Our sign up area, medicine area and ballon area under the tent. Notice how fancy it is. We had the Doctors and Nurses set up in a 12x12 area in a building right next to the tent. We had 10 to 15 people in this 12x12 area at all times.

7) A lady working in the field.

8) A lady carrying big load of items

9) Ladies beating and working the beans to get them ready to eat

10) Notice the straw on the highway they want cars driving over it as it gets the seed out for them to harvest. Then they bail the straw to feed the animals.

11) An ant or termite mound that was was taller than me so it was about 6 1/2 feet tall.

12) Our Hotel in Bangalore the Twin Tulips

13) A family of 4 on a motorcycle with one asleep

14) Sunrise this morning from the rooftop of our hotel

It was a long but very productive day today. We had a 2 hour bus ride to get to our location for our clinic today. Then once we arrived we had to set up our work areas and get organized for the clinic. We saw around 100 our first clinic, 175 our 2nd clinic and about 200 today.

Tomorrow (Thursday) we will be holding our clinic in the areas they call the Tent Cities, which is a very poor very sad area as you can see in the photos.

Hope you are enjoying the pictures and the brief updates. We hope to share some of the teams experiences with you tomorrow. It isn't always easy to get pictures and information sent when you don't always have Wi-Fi available!

Thank you for praying! Continue asking God to use us to share His love with the people here in India.

Gary for the India Team



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Bryan Tucker said...

i take it the tents are where our team is staying